Laura Crosta Shoots Paris Baguette Campaign

March 3, 2015

By Barbara Goldman

© Laura Crosta

2015 Paris Baguette campaign.

New York City-based advertising, portrait, lifestyle photographer and PhotoServe member Laura Crosta shot an assignment for a 2015 Calendar for Paris Baguette. The imagery celebrates the iconic cafes with country identifying titles. The cafes are known for their baked goods of the highest quality. Paris Baguette Cafes are in many cities across the U.S and internationally in such cities as Shanghai, Singapore, Hi Chi Minh and many more. Crosta worked with Paris Baguette, Seoul Korea on the assignment. Crosta is both photographer and director, specializing in the documentation of people as they live, exist and interact with life. She has a sophisticated, energetic style evident in her Paris Cafe campaign that echoes her experiences working with the advertising and music industries. Her work has taken her to Ghana, Africa, across Asia, Europe, and Latin America. She has a passion for quirky projects but also embraces quiet portraiture that reveals the personality of her subjects. Currently Crosta splits her time between Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Some of her Clients and Subjects include: Lyft, Paris Baguette, Microsoft, ESPN, Microsoft, Sony, Nike, Canon, Adidas, Mini, Toyota, Kelly Clarkson, Kiss, Michael Jordan, Ru Paul, Run DMC, George Clinton, Girltalk, Nasa & Jewel. See uch more of Laura Crosta’s stories, motion, documentary and interactive work at her site,

© Laura Crosta