Gabrielle Rosenberg Is the Virtual Stylist

May 1, 2015

By Gabrielle Rosenberg

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The Virtual Stylist can accommodate wardrobe, fashion, props and accessories on location or in the studio.

As advertising is an art form in itself, each photographer, producer and stylist must approach each job very differently. When it comes to an advertising campaign, the shooting experience and everything that goes into it are important elements to a smooth and cohesive workflow for success.

I sometimes feel as if people do not always appreciate the importance of the stylist. It is not simply shopping and following the directions of the client, the agency, the director or photographer. It is important to bring what is required by the layout, or the concept of the shot, but also to think of many other details or elements that no one thinks about. As a stylist on a project, you need to make suggestions of the additional elements to make the best ad possible. The success of the ad depends on precise execution. You need to think the shot through, like a camera. How certain fabrics and colors and textures combine to enhance the shot, composing the details inch by inch all around the set through the monitor so you can see the layout properly. I like to think of propping in layers that I can add or subtract.

Through time, I have noticed many changes in advertising. There seems to be more of an attempt to create real moments, a connection between the talent and the audience for each ad. Even the casting is moving away from the perfect model-looking mom, to a more real-looking mom, one that the audience can connect with, That translates into appropriate wardrobe and casting, not a size zero or a two but a size four or an occasional six which is heading in a more realistic direction. Ads are heading to more believable scenarios, less of a catalog-looking campaign full of models to and more approachable looking real talent. The ad sells the product. So as the stylist on the job, you need the consumer to buy the concept and connect with the message the ad conveys.

Styling is much more than just shopping. It is being resourceful as you will be solely responsible for most of the visuals in a print ad. From bookends to jewelry to footwear, everything matters, every detail counts. Each ad job is usually triple bid, so any mistakes on your end visually are bad for the photographer or the director. On any one job there can be racks of clothes for many different choices. With different opinions, you must be ready with a selection of colors, styles, designs and try to accommodate many tastes. It is the client’s image, and they know what they want.

As a prop and wardrobe stylist, you must be sure to use classic, timeless, non-seasonal clothing, so the ad can be used longer, in different states or countries. The most important styling rule is that you should actually dress for your body type. The stylist has to make the characters look as though they dressed themselves.

Trendy or fashionable clothes change very frequently, which can easily date the ad. An advertising stylist is directed on color palate, style and design and must listen to the key players— the client, the agency, the photographer or director and the producer and get it done in the time allotted per project. Deadlines are like beat the clock. If you are an advertising stylist, you have to be able to adapt your taste very quickly within the guidelines set by the client and the agency.

© Chris Crisman/ One of the photographs Chris Crisman used from the vintage shoot for Helen Uffner, The Making of the Suitcase Girl mutual project.

© Chris Crisman/ Vintage behind the scenes.

With all the details in fashion, props, accessories and trends l that the stylist must stay on top of, there is also a whole new technical revolution happening within these arenas. We are moving so rapidly with a digital revolution with businesses going online, e-commerce, mobile advertising, web ad-based ads and wearable gadgets. AdAge reported on this in detail with an interesting article . It is an exciting time in advertising but also a little scary. You must be able to adapt and adjust to many technical changes and mediums right on the job.

With technology and trends changing so quickly, I wanted to stay on top of new developments and be a part of that revolution. With that in mind, I created the Virtual Stylist App, a way to have a “stylist in your pocket.” Virtual styling is a convenient way to get the styling help you need anywhere in the world while you are on a job, very quickly. With Virtual Stylist, I can answer questions and offer styling services for wardrobe for any occasion. Whether you need advice or are wondering which colors are most flattering for complexion, hair, eye color, body type, the Virtual Stylist App can accommodate your concerns on the spot with style advice at your fingertips. Virtual Stylist will help style and create the perfect look for an assignment or event. I can shop, style and do fittings or send links with choices that I think are suitable for the occasion or project. I can also send clothing directly to sets for photographers and directors as well. The Virtual Stylist App is great for people with time constraints or just hate to shop. e looking for work, or a costume question etc. No matter the question, even if I am working on set, I get back with answers to your needs as soon as I can take my eyes away from a shot.

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The Virtual Stylist App

In addition to the App, I also created the Virtual Stylist Blog. I have noticed many fashion blogs and magazines cover the same terrain in content, nails, hair, body, fashion, sex, dating, beauty, celebrity fashion and or gossip. I wanted to have a blog that was more eclectic, and would appeal to both women and men, dealing with more diverse interests in art, music, interior design and decor, film, theater and fashion. In this difficult economy, the Virtual Stylist blog and the Virtual Stylist App are inexpensive ways to help and connect with other artists for a variety of perspectives and attitudes. We connect, we learn and produce great art for our advertising client and for ourselves.

Gabrielle Rosenberg is the Virtual Stylist. She has worked with many top photographers and ad agencies. She has extensive wardrobe, prop, costume and fashion styling experience for many different national and international commercial and print campaigns for the advertising community. She has worked with many musicians, celebrities, actors, models and real people of every shape and size. She has been profiled as an Adweek Featured Talent. Rosenberg is a United Scenic Artist Local 829 Stylist for Commercial Advertising and Print Advertising. Her professional portfolios can be viewed at

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