Team Vegar Creates New Breed of Production for GoRVing Microsite Launch

July 6, 2015

By Edited by Barbara Goldman

© Vegar Abelsnes

lifestyle adventures for the launch of Away microsite.

Lifestyle, location, and portrait photographer Vegar Abelsnes has created a new breed of production.

The industry is changing very rapidly these days. As traditional media needs are transforming and the need for multi-platform content exploding agencies, clients and content creators are all trying to figure out how to fit it all together.

The notion of production is changing − moving away from a broadcast-first mentality to focus more on a holistic content approach – and Team Vegar is on the forefront of this new way of thinking. It’s not just about content, it’s bigger than that. It’s really about authentic content and authentic ways that this type of material is shared (i.e., Instagram, Twitter, etc.), and this really needs to considered before a production even begins. What Team Vegar has come up with is a production structure that while being new, is still in part familiar to the existing industry.

With social media assets holding increased value in the current media market, Team Vegar incorporates and involves social media content creators into a combined stills and motion production structure. It is Team Vegar’s belief that larger, well produced and coherent content marketing shoots can have a greater and longer lasting impact than layering disparate content across multi-platform channels. Team Vegar is thus elevating and contextualizing the social media content created into an existing and effective world of marketing; hence a production structure is being introduced with lower production costs, while increasing production value, by bringing everything under one roof.

Last year, while on a shoot with Go RVing, Vegar pitched an idea he had been thinking about for a while. “If we want to create a campaign that demonstrates the benefits of RVing across all channels, why don’t we actually just get a team together, some really cool RVs, and go on an actual road trip somewhere beautiful documenting our experience as we go? The idea is simple, but while we are at it let’s not only shoot motion and stills, but also bring with us a team of influencers that can also bring the experience to audiences in real time?” This type of content was exactly what Vegar’s’ long-term client and friend Go RVing was looking to add to their new Away microsite, launched by their longtime agency partner, The Richards Group.

And so earlier this year Vegar put together an amazing team of photographers, filmmakers, stylists, and production ninjas, and they hit the open road for four days, with four families, four RVs, two dogs and a drone. Their goal was to produce a series of engaging videos/digital content that focused on the first hand experiences of real RV’ers to be added to add to Go RVing’s new Away microsite.

The team shot all through California, starting in Los Angeles with multiple locations as Carpinteria Beach, Santa Barbara boardwalk, Ojai, Ojai Vineyard (Casa Barranca), Camp James – Kern River, Sequoia National Forest, Balch Park, Kernville, Alabama Hills and Lone Pine. All in all they covered over 900 miles.

All Photos © Vegar Abelsnes

Vegar and his team delivered:
• 5,700 stills
• Produced 12 videos (2-3 minutes) of authentic RV adventures for the launch of the microsite
• Material for several broadcast TV spots
• Together with their collaborators Miles & Miles posted 130 posts to 90k + followers
• 46,000 likes (not including client posts)

You can see more of Vegar Abelsnes at:


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The Team:
Team Vegar has assembled an amazing group together, creating a highly collaborative environment in which people are allowed to do what they are best at. They are a tight knit group who understand how to work seamlessly together and how to collaborate not only with each other, but with their clients and agencies as well. This is what they find to be at the core of producing high quality content. Besides, they have loads of fun in the process.

Life is short. Work with people you like.

Director/Photographer- Vegar Abelsnes

Photographer- Travis Shinn

DP/Editor – Bobby Hewitt
DP – Fab Fernandez
Production – Tenth & Hudson
Wardrobe- Jasmine Hamed
Props – Justin Segall
BTS – David Rowe

Blogger/Writer – Kat Popovic
Hair/Make-Up – Angelina Butera
Digital Wrangler- Chris Nowling/10 Digital
Lighting/Good Vibes- Sash Popovic

Social Media Collaborators- Miles & Miles /
Social Media/Ig- Sarah Irene Murphy – Miles & Miles
Social Media/Ig- Stefaan Dupont – Miles & Miles

Vegar Abelsnes is represented by Doug Truppe in New York City.