Blair Bunting Shoots 2015 ASU Football Campaign Beyond Deadline

November 11, 2015

By Barbara Goldman

© Blair Bunting

2015 ASU Football ad campaign.

Advertising sports, celebrity, lifestyle, and action photographer Blair Bunting recently photographed the 2015 ASU Football Campaign. Bunting has been doing ASU’s advertising campaign for 10 years. It is one that he always uses to push the logistical boundaries. This year’s photo shoot existed well within the impossible. He usually shoots the ASU campaign the last week of May with August 1 as deadline for image delivery. But this year was different as ASU was in the midstt of changing from Nike uniforms to Adidas. Bunting had to shoot two weeks after his normal delivery date. of August l. He did his homework and with a lot of planning and hard work by everyone involved, it was a success and delivered beyond deadline but on time for his new deadline. For more on the behind-the-scenes, see his video and more imagery on his blog post. Blair Bunting is also a Top 10 Pick for our PhotoServe November update.

© Blair Bunting/2015 ASU Football Campaign.