Blair Bunting Photographs Our Better Angels

April 6, 2016

By Barbara Goldman

© Blair Bunting

Remains from Space Shuttle Challenger.

Blair Bunting recently photographed pieces of the Challenger and Columbia space shuttles as part of a personal project. Bunting took some time off this last year to spend with his family and is now back and has recharged himself shooting fresh work that inspires him and PhotoServe. Several weeks ago he traveled to Kennedy Space Center. He wanted to learn more about the programs that NASA conducts and hoped to stand before a Saturn V rocket At the end of his day, Bunting encountered a hall dedicated to those that gave their lives in pursuit of knowledge, the Challenger and Columbia crews. Bunting photographed remains of the two space flights for a very moving reflection on the two NASA tragedies. The Challenger and Columbia disasters changed everything about the space program and brought forth many engineering discussions and changes in workplace safety and ethics. See more on Bunting’s blog post.

© Blair Bunting/ NASA remains from Space Shuttle Columbia.