Hasselblad’s New Global Ambassador Blair Bunting Puts the H6D-100c To The Test

April 20, 2017

By Stacey Goldberg

Blair Bunting

To celebrate his new position as Hasselblad Global Ambassador, photographer Blair Bunting—a long-time admirer of the brand—put the company’s H6D-100c medium-format camera to the test. “I wanted to highlight three areas in particular: Color, speed and resolution,” Bunting says, and to do so, he captured this portrait of a Native American dancer in-studio.

Inspired by memories of watching Native American tribes during his childhood, Bunting contacted a local tribe “that was very kind to come to my studio and spend a day with us,” he says. “It proved to be an extremely technical shoot as we had to go through engineering parameters of the lights on set just to find out at what output level they could be used—it was the first time that a camera has been faster than the lights.” The resulting image has been used to accompany the recent announcement of Bunting’s new position.

“Being named a Hasselblad Ambassador has been a bit surreal,” Bunting notes, but he’s excited for the future. In addition to continue his endorsement of the brand, he also plans to spend time “helping to develop cameras and products to make photographer’s lives on set better. My only goal is to help others in their photography careers as I pursue my own.”