Valerie Provost Shoots Jewelry Models for Geneviève Juillet

August 7, 2017

By Valerie Provost

© Valerie Provost

© Valerie Provost

© Valerie Provost

Montreal-based photographer Valerie Provost recently published a series of images featuring jewelry designs by Geneviève Juillet. Here, she tells us about the photographs:

“Working with jewelry designer Geneviève Juillet’s custom pieces was a thrill. The level of detail in her work is awe-inspiring with each ring hand-stamped and each chain linked by hand. Her flagship piece is an ornamental breastplate of Egyptian and Incan inspiration and finding the right model and makeup artist was essential to complement the jewelry’s organic nature.”

To do that, Valerie called upon African-born model Rehema Gloria, and makeup artist Stephanie Hanna, who does makeup and artistic face painting. “Rehema had the right look for the part. Very raw and natural, but with a sensual element to it. Stephanie found the right balance of color and texture in order to harmonize with the jewelry. She sent me several design and color mock-ups prior to the shoot, so we could agree on what direction to take on shoot day.”

With the team assembled, it was time to complete the vision in the studio.

The key for Valerie was finding the right lighting to highlight the jewelry as well as the model’s features. She used a Profoto B1 with a white beauty dish as a main light with a Westcott Eyelighter for fill. She used a second B1 for a rim and hair light to separate the model from the dark background.

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