David Goldman Launches the Migrant Sugarcane Workers Project

June 20, 2016

By Barbara Goldman

© David Goldman

Portrait from Migrant Sugarcane Worker of India.

Brooklyn-based portrait, documentary and motion photographer David Goldman has officially launched his latest project,the Migrant Sugarcane Workers of India. The Migrant Sugarcane Workers of India is part of Goldman’s Birth Lottery, which explores what it means to win the birth lottery. We win the lottery by being born into a nice, loving middle class family in the United States or Canada but what of those who are born into abject poverty and have few opportunities to change their circumstances. The Birth Lottery is an ongoing project with various chapters and will focus on how hard working people aim to change their lives and the birth lottery for future generations.

With Migrant Sugarcane Workers of India, Goldman had never really thought about where sugar came from beyond a most rudimentary perspective. He wanted to show how and where that sugar comes from, how it gets to your table for your daily coffee, your favorite sweets and pastries. Through his dramatic portraiture, he documents what it takes for these hardworking people who are harvesting the sugarcane, taking it to factories to be ground up, boiled down and then spun around to turn into that white sugar we crave. View many more of his portraits from the Sugarcane Workers Project here. The project can also be seen on Maptia. View more portraiture, projects, motion work and blog posts for David Goldman at his site,