Sheri Giblin: How I’m Creating Dynamic Content

November 8, 2017

By Sheri Giblin

Sheri Giblin

The photo series “Jolie Laid” came together at the suggestion of my former photo agent to illustrate a food story using animation.  I had already been dabbling with video and stop-motion, but for this particular project, I used a new software called Plotagraph, which allows you to animate a still image. I knew that incorporating this new technology into my still work would take my imagery to a new level, and it was an opportunity not to be missed.

We brought together a very talented creative team and after brainstorming for a while, “Jolie Laid”—“The Egg Story”—was born. In the series, we use eggs as a metaphor for the fragility of relationships, sensuality, coming together and, coming apart.

Creative direction: James Dunlinson

Food styling: Victoria Granof

Prop styling: Robyn Glaser

Writer: Kathleen Hackett

Designer: Abbey Kuster-Prokell

Yes, all of these are one single image! I am also thrilled to be one of Plotagraph’s ambassadors, so please check out their social site.

Sheri Giblin is a food, lifestyle and travel photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Her award-winning work has been featured in nearly 30 books, nationally-recognized magazines and worldwide advertising campaigns.